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Pecunia Visum EXCELS in many forms of Online advertisement as Digital Promotions. Based in Gresham, OR, Pecunia Visum attempts to harness the raw power of the internet by creating Google centric promotions with the primary goal, of getting its clients optimum placement in Google search engine rankings. We can help you design a comprehensive online advertising portfolio.

Online advertisement can also be classified as Digital Promotions. Digital promotion in connection to the television industry is when networks use authentic digital resources to promote their new shows in a growing vast range of venues. Television networks development of digital off air promotional strategies allowed digital promotion to remain significant to the advertisement advancement in the television.

Examples of television online digital promotions: The Sci Fi network loaded a special recap episode of Battlestar Galactica onto Microsoft’s Xbox online gaming service; this gave the audience additional opportunities to sample content if they may or may not be familiar with the show. Another example of digital promotion in television is when network CBS incorporated new digital technologies of Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices that were able to download a thirty-second clip of a new show on their devices; consumers standing in range of a billboard don’t need an internet link to download the show’s content. These non-linear viewing opportunities provided as a valuable tool for gaining audiences; and to encourage them to intersect with the linear audience.

Internet users can benefit from online advertisement, such as getting the online contents they need for free that otherwise would have to pay for a fee from the funds of the advertisers. However, the catch is that they have to share personal information to the data collectors, which raises a controversy over this topic.

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